How To Edit Red Baby Skin Using Frequency Separation

How To Edit Red Baby Skin Using Frequency Separation

In the business of baby photography, we are always faced with challenges, one of these challenges are editing in photoshop. I am one of those people who is always looking to edit in an efficient timely manner yet never compromise the originality of the image and the subject in them, It’s important for me to provide my clients with photos that are as natural and as organic as their new baby. The reason why we edit baby’s skin not because we find it unpleasant but because these flakes and red spots are not permanent, unlike birthmarks and features that will stay with them forever. When the parents look back at their photos they don’t really remember those little things, what they remember is how perfect their baby was, and that’s what we want to achieve, the seamless edit!

So in this video, I walk you through one of my most common and go-to technique in order to achieve that natural skin without replacing cloning or patching any part of them. Using the frequency separation combined with the patch tool we will edit red spots and discolourations in baby’s skin. I hope you find this video tutorial helpful to your workflow.

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