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The Vision

I want you to experience the creativity & love through my belief in delivering main elements that will create your memories. Those elements are earthy, rustic and whimsical in their nature. But the most important element of all is the deep and bold love you have for each other.

Love is an intimate and private emotion, on your wedding day that emotion becomes a public celebration for you, your loved one and all of the important people in your life. Let me join you and document these soft and secret moments for you to keep and cherish for generations to come.

I deeply invest in getting to know my clients, Its essential in creating their story.

Our Black & White Signature Style

I love to tell your story with more than just colour pictures, My Black and White style has been adopted and perfected through time & experience to match the rawness, femininity and the strength of my identity and my brides.

Wind, Earth & Sun

The secret equation to my story-telling style. Let me take you on an adventure, discovering the roots of your romance through happiness, details and beauty. your story book will be private, intimate & above all timeless.

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I love to hang my clients pictures on their wall and sew them into a beautiful one of a kind story book.

Premium & Quality Photography.

My clients love the comfort that comes with knowing that their day will not only be captured & told the way they wanted it to be portrayed, but they'll also be engraved in their one of a kind handmade storybook that will live for generations.

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