I know it’s overwhelming, with prices and style differing from one photographer to another? It’s a lot of research, but don’t worry I am here to give you the top 3 Essex newborn photographer tips to what to look for when choosing your newborn photographer to make your search result more efficient.


1. What is your style?

It is essential that you know what style you’re looking for. From airy and bright to deep and dark. You know in your mind how you would love to decorate your home with photographs that not only are professional but ones that bring you joy and happiness and match your personality and style.

2. Price (What will you be offered in return)

Price really is important. but when it comes to choosing a lifetime investment price shouldn’t be the only deciding factor. These images will hold a memory forever and ever, It will become priceless and meaningful to you and your family and to your kids when they grow up and your grandchildren and so on. So when you think about it. It really is a worthy investment. I know that I put so much effort and time into creating these timeless images, along with many photographers that feel the same way. Photography is a commissioned art form, a lot of people are finding it more and more essential and fascinating nowadays. So choose your photographer wisely considering their creativity time and effort.

3. Safety

Of course that goes without saying but safety is a very important factor when it comes to hiring a photographer to take some cute posey images of your little one. Have a look through their work, See if their images make you cringe or make you feel safe and happy. The reason why I say this is that you may see that cute little froggy posed baby in a photograph and you would love one for your baby and of course that’s okay but make sure that you see multiple examples from the photographers work to ensure that they have practiced it and have done it several times. I for one do not attempt poses that I know I can’t do. I will also always make sure that I don’t force a baby into a positioned pose they do not like ( they make it very obvious by crying). So make sure you know what kind of images you are after and make a list of it and share it with your photographer.

I hope you found this information helpful and guiding you to a better and happy search. And if you have stoped your search here I will be more than happy to hear from you soon.

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