London Wedding Photographer | A Look Into Sharon’s Bridal Preparations

When I first met the gorgeous Sharon and Tapi I instantly fell in love with how much they loved each other and their two beautiful kids, They were very welcoming and so down to earth we got along so well and I couldn’t wait to capture their special day a year after.

A year later and on the morning of the special day we started off in Sharon’s private hotel room at the Five Lakes Hotel Golf & Country Club in Colchester, Stunning venue! Documenting the details of the bridal preparations is one of my most favourite things to capture in the wedding day, and as you can see when the details are THIS beautiful and thoroughly thought of and planned then there’s no doubt I will be all over it with my camera. From the beautiful makeup & henna art to the littlest details such as the perfume and accessories, always choose to have the whole day documented these moments between you and the people who surround you and take care of you that day, will never be forgotten.